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We are pleased to announce the release of the TDS GTNXi Pro for MSFS which includes FULL Navigraph support for navdata and charts!

The GTNXi is a natural evolution to the old GTN Series GPS Navigators

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The GTNXi puts safety first, as both an intuitive safety navigation device, along with beautiful, modern mapping features. Some of the many mapping features which the GTNXi features are:

  • Ultra-high-resolution mapping, terrain information, mapping features: water bodies, political borders, roads, cities
  • All the navigation data that you are used to: airports, waypoints, VOR/NDBs
  • Airport’s diagram including taxiways
  • Full updateable navigation database via Navigraph as part of the Pro Upgrade
  • Geo-referenced charts (worldwide, via Navigraph Charts as part of the Pro Upgrade) to assist in perfectly flying that navigation procedure (approach, arrival, departure)
  • More Information on Pro Upgrade

  • One virtual tap on the map, one push of the D-TO key and the GTN will fly you to that waypoint!
  • Obstacle and wire data
  • A wealth of airspaces: Class A, B, C, D, SUA, along with Smart Airspaces
  • Terrain elevation data and TAWS A/B Alerts in case of CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain)
  • Custom User Waypoints and Visual Reporting Points
  • Graphical flight planning: ability to create and modify a flight plan on the fly, from within the map

Ability to build a flight plan from scratch in an intuitive manner:

  • Type in the flight plan waypoints on the screen using the virtual keyboard, with the user option of an Alphabetical or QWERTY keyboard
  • Ability view the active leg status and bearing/distance data to flight plan waypoints
  • Ability to save flight plans in a catalog format and import community/user created flight plan flies
  • Fly a parallel course offset
  • Loading airways into the active flight plan is as easy as three virtual touches
  • Direct-To ability to any waypoint, along with flying unpublished holds, multiple search and rescue patterns
  • Ability to load and activate procedures (approaches, arrivals, departures), from a worldwide list of airports
  • Basic VNAV descent profile, doing all the math calculations for you, displaying a message when to begin your descent, so you can reach the target waypoint at the desired altitude

The GTNXi is more than a GPS, it is also an Audio Panel with its own COM/NAV radio, along with a state-of-the-art ADS-B transponder:

  • It offers the ability to virtually type in any COM/NAV frequency
  • Quickly change between the standby and active frequency with the tap of a virtual key
  • A smart unit: the GTNXi keeps a list of the recent and favorite frequencies
  • Ability to quickly tune nearest or flight plan frequencies
  • Integrated ADS-B Transponder with the ability to change the transponder mode, having an ADS-B transponder permits the map to show ADS-B targets, thus enhancing the safety
  • Full Audio Panel allowing to select the COM receiver and multiple monitoring audio sources: NAV1/2, ADF, DME, Marker Sound

The TDS GTNXi has been developed specifically for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020:

  • It is both a standalone executable that runs along Flight Simulator as well as a FULL Virtual Cockpit Integration
  • When developing the TDS GTNXi, great care has been taken to optimize it, so Flight Simulator performance will not be affected
  • For the standalone executable version, the user can drag the interface and GPS windows to a second or third monitor, keeping the main monitor for the Flight Simulator visuals
  • The VC Integrated version is fully compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) mode in MSFS
  • Both the 750Xi and the 650Xi are contained in the same package, not requiring multiple purchases
  • Ability to change individual unit settings on the fly, using the intuitive user interface
  • Does not require any special integration into aircraft, just start the standalone exe from the desktop shortcut, the connection to Flight Simulator is automatic
  • Virtual Cockpit integration into aircraft is available within the same version, making the TDS GTNXi a product that suits all customers!

Additional Features:

  • Dimmable display brightness from within the Utilities menu
  • Adjustable sound volume from within the Utilities menu
  • COM Frequency Spacing 8.33 kHz support
  • Selected Altitude Range Arc displayed on the Map, using Flight Simulator Autopilot data
  • Glide Range Ring and Nearest Airport Indication Arrows to guide you to a safe landing in case of an engine failure
  • Rotating Knob Page Selection Configuration
  • Ability to fly full RF Procedure Legs (Next Generation radius-to-fix) which give the pilot greater access to airports with challenging terrain
  • FULL Virtual Cockpit Integration for both GTNXI 750 and 650 with complete mouse control over the touchscreen and keys/knobs

Why should you choose the GTNXi over the old GTN?

  • The GTNXi offers a wealth of new features:
  • Improved and higher resolution and faster graphics
  • Modern interface look, faster startup time
  • Glide range ring, autopilot altitude arc
  • User selectable outer knob logic
  • User selectable startup page

User's Manual:

  • The TDS GTNXi Flight Sim User's Manual is available for review before purchasing, by following the link below:
  • TDSGTNXiFlightSimManual

Fly Autopilot Coupled LPV Approaches in Flight Simulator:

  • The TDS GTNXi is the only GPS device for Flight Simulator able to interact with the default autopilot and fly fully coupled LPV Approaches!
  • Very smooth autopilot control within the Flight Simulator environment, no jitters or undesired behavior!

Worldwide Live METAR:

  • The TDS GTNXi brings a new level of weather situational awareness by providing Worldwide Live METAR!
  • This feature works automatically, there is no need to register on any wesbiste or input any data into the TDS GTNXi, the feature works straight out of the box for an excellent customer experience!

Updateable Navigation Database

  • Worldwide, fully updateable Navigation Database (AIRAC) to the current cycle, provided by Navigraph!
  • Always fly using up to date Navigation Data, by keeping the TDS GTNXi database in sync with the current simulator datatabase!

Updateable Navigation Charts

  • Worldwide, updateable charts, provided by Navigraph!
  • Learn how updateable Navigation Charts obtained via the Pro Upgrade will improve flying the TDS GTNXi inside flight simulator!

TDS GTNXi Pro by TDS Software

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Minimum System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Flight Simulator (2020)
  • Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 10 64 Bit Version 1909 (November 2019 Update) or Microsoft® Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X
  • RAM Memory: 16GB
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon RX 590
  • Video Card Memory: 4GB
  • HDD Space: 4GB
  • Navigraph Subscription required for updateable Navigation Database and updateable Charts
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The TDS GTNXi Pro for MSFS contains both the base TDS GTNXi as well as the Pro Upgrade (Navigraph Support)

More Information on Pro Upgrade

If you already own the base TDS GTNXi and are interested in purchasing the Pro Upgade, by clicking the Buy Now button, the system will automatically detect the base TDS GTNXi and offer the Pro Upgrade!

Starting with 29 February 2024, the base TDS GTNXi has been discountinued from sale, being replaced by the TDS GTNXi Pro